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If you are a male American Citizen and need shelter and structure while you get back on your feet, we may be able to assist you with housing!

At Jesus House Odessa, we want to see you thrive. We are a faith-based organization that aims to provide a safe and secure environment along with helping you recognize your value and maximize your potential. Through our transitional programs, you are required to set and obtain goals to better your future and future generations. Our goal is to help you save money, become self-sustainable, and succeed at everything you set your mind to. In our 20 years of experience, we have helped countless individuals just like you to become self-sustainable by learning how to budget

and save and be successful.

Please be aware that we can not accept sex offenders, those with diagnosed with schizophrenia or

bi-polar disorders, or violent offenders within the last 5 years.

Be aware that if you are still interested after the first interview and you wish to continue, there will be a background check and that you will need $50.00 up front prior to completing it. 

We also require a $75 weekly fee to stay in our facility.

If you are still interested, please call our office at 432-272-3362 or email us at


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