Man with Glasses


If you are male and need shelter for up to 1 year while you get back on your feet, please read the documents we have provided to get started. Please be aware that we can not accept sex offenders at any time, those with diagnosed with schizophrenia or bi-polar disorders, or violent offenders within the last 5 years.


 STEP 1, Read the Consideration  Welcome Letter

Take a look and see if we are a fit for you and your personal situation.

STEP 2. the guidelines

If we are a good fit after you have read the Consideration Welcome letter,

you will call 432-272-3362 for your interview and read and initial our guidelines.

STEP 3. Background authorization form

Still thinking this is for you? continue to STEP 3. Your representative will have you fill out the background authorization form.

You will need $25.00 up front  in order to process your background check. You may bring cash or a money order to the interview or pay online option is also available. We will not run the background until this is paid. 

If you still need to think about it...

You may fill out the background authorization form and get it back to us any way you like... 


MAIL: Check or money order to 1335 E 6th St. Odessa, TX 79761.

BRING IT BY: Between 9am-12pm Tuesday - Thursday. 

Please make sure it is very legible and do not leave anything out or we we will not be able to run it. We will need your phone number to contact you in case of any problems and to contact you when the background is complete.