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If you are male and need shelter for up to 1 year while you get back on your feet, please read the documents we have provided to get started. Please be aware that we can not accept sex offenders, those with diagnosed with schizophrenia or bi-polar disorders, or violent offenders within the last 5 years. If none of these apply to you, follow the instruction below. 

Click and read these documents about our program.








If you are not able to read these on your device, call 432-272-3362 or email to have the program information sent to you.

If you find you are still interested in our program after reading,

give us a call to begin the process with a short questionnaire!

Be aware that if you are approved after the questionnaire and you wish to continue, there will be a background check and that you will need $25.00 up front prior to completing it.