We Wall Letters



Donny Kyker Executive Director

Laura Kyker  Assistant Executive Director

Elisha Ramirez Director of Men's Program

Haley Huffty Director of Admissions

Shirley Almanza Director of Women's Program

Executive Board of Directors

Donny Kyker Executive Director

Laura Kyker Treasurer

Elisha Ramirez Secretary

Randy Page

Rocky Ramirez

Haley Huffty

Lisa Chaffin

John Chaffin

Auxiliary Board Women & Children's Center

Shirley Almanza President
Don Hallmark Vice President
Laci Harris Physical Health/Fitness Chair
Dustin Fawcett Community Outreach Chair
Rhonda Gilliam Banquet / Fitness
Deanna Peden Education Chair
Sherry McCrary Library Chair
Prof. Chris Stanley Community / Student
Volunteer/Internship Committee Chair
Patricia Anderson Banquet Chair