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Proverbs 29:18: Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Vision gives us direction, and when it's God's vision for us, it always comes with HIS provision. HIS word, and it applies universally to all HIS children.


Jesus House Odessa Vision Statement:

Showing the love of Jesus by acts of kindness and Sharing resources to those in need of becoming more self sufficient by Being Involved in their transformation.


HIS Community is more than just a set of buildings to help those in need.


HIS Community will be a gated community that will house 30 plus apartments that we will focus on reaching out to families that cannot afford the high cost of rent, single parents with children, struggling Veterans who can’t afford a decent place to sleep, homeless who are working and trying to regain a foothold back into a normal way of life.

People we are not able to help are Sex Offenders, No violent arrest in last 5 years, No drug or alcohol abusers as this community will be alcohol and drug free.


We want to see people progress towards a way of self-sufficiency, being taught the importance of the 4 “T’s”

1. To save money we will teach them on how to become nondependent of others.

    They will have an opportunity if they choose to enroll in budgeting classes, financial peace classes to help them become better at saving their money.

    We will require while they live in HIS Community to save a portion of their income and show us monthly, they are accomplishing this.

2. To be taught on how share with others. Sharing testimonies with them in our monthly meetings on how when we receive a blessing, we give back to help others.

    Encourage them to serve once a month in the ministry, to tithe to their church.

3. To learn-how not to go back to a lifestyle of bad choices. Again in our monthly meetings to share wisdom through Gods Word on how not to be looking back.

    We have great partnerships with organizations that help those who are captive to bad choices. Free Indeed, Celebrate Recovery.

4. To Share Jesus to them. Not in a in your face do this or leave way, but by our daily example of who Jesus truly is. Meeting their needs in a Jesus loving way.

    Will we house those who do not have a relationship with Jesus? Absolutely yes. They’re our mission field.

Other buildings:

Administration/Resource Building:

4000 sq ft.

Administration Offices

Private Showers/Restrooms


Resource Room- computers to help those either learn a second language, locate and apply for a job, or just possibly shoot an email to a friend or family member. They will have a limited time each week.

HIS Pantry- on pace of giving out over 20 tons of food this year to needy families.


H.E.L.P (HIS Endeavored Labor Program)


Current JHO Building-

HIS Kitchen:

Seat 70 plus


Large Commercial Kitchen

HIS Love- room full of outreach supplies for those in need; winter gear, blankets, thermals, sleeping bags, etc

HIS Medical Clinic- House to West of JHO- will be bought and renovated into a Free Medical Clinic. Trinity Medical Owner Jason Payne along with some current doctors and nurses will donate their time and services in serving in this clinic.


30+ Affordable Apartments- 30+ Completely Furnished Apartments:

576 sq ft- 1 bedroom, 1 bath, Living area, Kitchen and Laundry -estimated rent of $575-625 a month

1024 sq ft- 2 bedroom, 1 bath, Living area, Kitchen and Laundry - estimated rent of $850-950 a month

Raising an annual income of (estimated) $280-320k

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