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of  Jesus House Program Residents

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We understand the impact the body of Christ has on one another and that they love to help those who need it. We also understand that sometimes the body of Christ can become enablers without realizing it. We ask that you please take the time to read these guidelines and also abide by them. Our goal is to help our residents stay on course so that they can graduate and completely finish the program. Accomplishing what they started out to do will give them self esteem as they get out on their own. With God’s help first and others second, finishing the program will be an accomplishment that many of them have never experienced in life.

THANK YOU For helping us to accomplish our goals and serve our friends and 

for your heart to minister to those in need!

Done correctly and with care, they are sure to be healed and whole for the rest of their lives. 


Gifts of any type, no matter how large or small, MUST be brought to the director for approval and given at a scheduled time and place. This applies to everyone, family and friends alike.  NEVER give a resident money for any reason. They are taken care of very well in the program, and should not need money for anything. Part of the program is that they learn to live by managing what they have and obtaining what they need with integrity and in the correct way.


Friends of Jesus House Residents

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